Our Expertise

Have you ever marvelled at something that is extraordinarily clever yet wonderfully simple? Was it the simplicity that made it clever? Or was it clever because a complex problem was understood and reduced to a practical solution?
To us, this is the art of engineering.

For more than 30 years, Bonacci Infrastructure has delivered structural and civil engineering design solutions which are economical, durable, simple to construct, have a degree of robustness which is appropriate for the application, are easy to commission, safe to use, and are not restrictive for future re-use or modifications. We service contractors, private industries, government agencies and architects across a range of sectors, including:

  • Transport and rail;
  • Water and wastewater;
  • Marine, mining and industrial;
  • Temporary works and construction engineering;
  • Defence;
  • Institutional and health; and
  • Aviation

Key factors that influence our service excellence include our:

  • Specialisation in a key field of expertise – structural and civil design;
  • Preference for challenging and unusual engineering tasks, and innovation where it benefits the project;
  • Highly developed understanding of construction risk and methodologies;
  • Dedicated permanent and long-term staff;
  • Use of the latest technology in design and documentation, including finite element modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM); and our
  • Accredited Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

Transport and Rail

We have expertise in the following aspects of transport infrastructure:

  • Traffic, rail and pedestrian bridges, with a focus on ease of erection to minimise overall construction costs and time. Bonacci Infrastructure has BD3 Bridge Design pre-qualifications with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads;
  • Heavy vehicle pavements, roads, culverts and stormwater drainage;
  • Design of earth retaining structures, with retained soil heights in excess of 10 metres. We have particular experience with the design of gravity, cantilever, propped, and passive / active anchored walls;
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels;
  • Foundation design, including expertise in soil-structure interaction effects;
  • Transport related buildings, including bus terminals;
  • Condition assessments, bridge load rating, forensic engineering and durability / rehabilitation planning.

Water and Wastewater

We have expertise in the following aspects of water and wastewater infrastructure:

  • Expert liquid retaining structure design, with a focus on buildability to minimise construction costs and time. We have proven experience in the design of large monolithic tanks (up to 300 metres in length and 8 metres in height), and routinely produce designs which are completely free of control joints. Our approach to monolithic tank design hinges on our experience with early-age shrinkage and thermal crack control, and affords low maintenance structures with reduced whole-of-life costs;
  • Caisson wet wells in excess of 10 metres deep;
  • Advanced structural design of temporary works and construction staging, including cofferdams, erection procedures, temporary shoring and work platforms;
  • Civil design of bulk earthworks, heavy vehicle pavements, roads, culverts and stormwater drainage;
  • Building structures and bunded chemical areas; and
  • Condition assessments, forensic engineering and durability / rehabilitation planning.

Marine, Mining and Industrial

We have expertise in the following aspects of marine, mining and industrial infrastructure:

  • Jetty and wharf structures;
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels;
  • Roll-On / Roll-Off (RO-RO) facilities (floating and land-based), Load-On / Load-Off (LO-LO) facilities and Material Offloading Facilities (MOF);
  • Static and hydraulically operated linkspan bridges;
  • Berthing and mooring dolphins;
  • Floating and land-based passenger ferry terminals;
  • Structural modifications and load assessments for self-elevating platforms (SEP) and floating vessels, including storm survivability and heavy load assessments;
  • Slope stability, reinforced earth, soil retention and rock protection;
  • Haul road pavements and bridge works, as well as conveyor civil works;
  • Long-span industrial buildings, often housing highly corrosive materials; and
  • Heavy bulk material storage facilities.

Temporary Works and Construction Engineering

We have expertise in the following areas of construction engineering:

  • Complete construction systems, methodologies and purpose-designed plant for the construction of major infrastructure;
  • Temporary retention systems such as sheet pile walls and cofferdams;
  • Ground dewatering and seepage assessments;
  • Purpose designed crane platforms and mobile bridges;
  • Slope stability assessments and ground improvement;
  • Specialist form systems, personnel access, and lifting studies for major infrastructure;
  • Specialist design work for pontoons, barges and self-elevating platforms (SEP), including heavy load support and crane lifts; and
  • Specialist design work for piling leaders and piling gates.

Defence and Aviation

We have expertise in the following areas of defence and aviation infrastructure:

  • Long-span hangars and free-standing aircraft shelters;
  • Aircraft maintenance and equipment storage / loading facilities;
  • Flight simulator and training facilities;
  • Multi-level carparks;
  • Headquarter, recreational and accommodation buildings; and
  • Architectural refurbishments to existing structures.

Bonacci Infrastructure has a long history of high quality defence work, having completed fourteen major projects at RAAF Base Amberley, two major projects at RAAF Base Townsville, the RAAF Base Delamere Redevelopment, the HMAS Cairns Redevelopment, the Ross Island Development, and works at the Oakey Army Aviation Base, RAAF Base Tindal, Lavarack Barracks, RAAF Base Scherger and Enoggera Barracks.


Institutional and Health

We have expertise in the following aspects of institutional and health infrastructure:

  • Structural concept designs to assist with preliminary costing and DA documentation;
  • Civil engineering reports and Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP);
  • Detailed structural design of multi-storey buildings, including basements, lateral bracing systems, post-tensioned and conventional suspended slabs, precast concrete and lightweight steel construction;
  • Forensic engineering; and
  • Detailed construction phase support.