Marine, Mining and Industrial


We have expertise in the following aspects of marine, mining and industrial infrastructure:

  • Jetty and wharf structures;
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels;
  • Roll-On / Roll-Off (RO-RO) facilities (floating and land-based), Load-On / Load-Off (LO-LO) facilities and Material Offloading Facilities (MOF);
  • Static and hydraulically operated linkspan bridges;
  • Berthing and mooring dolphins;
  • Floating and land-based passenger ferry terminals;
  • Structural modifications and load assessments for self-elevating platforms (SEP) and floating vessels, including storm survivability and heavy load assessments;
  • Slope stability, reinforced earth, soil retention and rock protection;
  • Haul road pavements and bridge works, as well as conveyor civil works;
  • Long-span industrial buildings, often housing highly corrosive materials; and
  • Heavy bulk material storage facilities.

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